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Publishing Services Available

Moon Diva Art offers affordable publishing packages for both children's books and 

adult fiction/non-fiction works.   Pricing varies depending on category.  

Full service on children's books are a flat fee based on number of illustrations.  

Pricing on adult fiction and non-fiction is based on number of formatted pages plus image for cover.

Pricing for editing services and marketing needs only are also available. 

Services available:

*Jacket and Book Design - Desktop Publishing

*Character Development (if applicable)

*Full-color Illustrations - hand drawn and painted

*Editing and Proofreading

*Social Media/Web Marketing Help 

*Listing through Amazon Distribution Channels

*Print platform through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing

With our turn-key service, we can help with one or all aspects of self-publishing.  

Our goal is to help all aspiring writers reach their dream of seeing their work in book form.  

Self-publishing allows you to step into the publishing world on your terms and not break the bank.  

We are here to help and remove the stressors that can arise.  

If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact us here or email:  moondivaart@gmail.com.

Make your book a reality!  Contact us today!